Enrique Descamps

Engineer. Programmer. Teacher. All around cool dude. He'll be your mentor.

Unhappily occupied with a desk job at a civil engineering firm, Enrique decided to quit and start programming for a living. He started by writing small programs for friends and family and soon after decided to hire another programmer to help out with the workload. The company grew steadily. After a year managing a small but capable tech consulting firm, he decided to learn how to write something he's always enjoyed, video games. He is sure designing and coding computer games is "the best job in the world", and he'd like to teach you how to do the same.

Types of games you'll learn to make

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Platformer games go way back. Mario Bros is the most popular. Learn the basics and make your own!


Puzzle games, like Candy Crush Saga, are known to rake in huge amounts of cash each and every day. Candy Crush earns an estimated $915k a day!