Give your kids a head start in life.

Programming is a highly coveted skill in virtually every industry.

More than ever, companies need coders. And while tech firms do the bulk of the hiring, the demand for programmers spans industries and only seems to be growing. From writing basic HTML to building complex logic into mobile applications, the ability to smartly craft lines of code continues to be one of the most in-demand — and often, well-paying — skill sets one can have.

Why should your kid learn coding?

In today's world computer technology seems ever-present; it surrounds us on a daily basis. Jobs of the future will most likely involve an element of computing and possessing a good understanding of a range of computing skills is increasingly important. Consequently, IT skills are just as important if not more relevant than the language and math abilities developed at school. Programming is complex to learn but definitely worth it.

Key skills such as problem solving can be learned through programming; it involves an ‘exact’ way of thinking. Firstly, a solution to the problem must be reached before the programmer can begin to communicate with a computer. Programs are a set of instructions that a computer must follow to perform a task. Despite being able to process instructions quickly, computers are very stupid. You need to detail everything they must do in order for them to be any use to us at all! To learn how to program, the student must achieve an understanding of the instructions, the data and syntax (rules that decide how a program can be constructed) that are part of programming. These skills can be easily applied by anyone in a leadership position.


First, you need to come up with a great idea for a game. Got it? Great! To this basic idea you will add a story line, characters, objectives and result conditions! What will the player do? How will he do it? What does it take for him to win? How will the game look? How will the characters look? There's a ton of details that go into designing a game. Brainasium will show you how to properly address all key aspects of your game.


Now that you have polished your initial idea for a game, its time to program it. What sprites will move? How will they move? Will they interact with other objects? If so, how? Will the player score points? Are they able to pick up items such as power ups or extra lives? What happens if the player succeeds? What will happen if he doesn't? All of this logic has to be hardcoded into every game for it to work properly.


After programming your game you will notice that some (or many) things don't work the way they're supposed to. Dont worry! It's normal. That's what updates are for. Most games and apps have bugs in them that are identified as hundreds and thousands of users use them. Make sure you plan ahead because you're going to have to fix these if you want your players to be happy and continue playing your games.